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Parent Comments

We enjoy a close, interactive relationship with all our parents, indeed we encourage them to get involved in the Pre School Committee to help shape the future of the Pre School. We love to get feedback and here is a sample of past parent comments - 

"We were amazed in the way his confidence and independence grew throughout the year. He was more than ready to start school and found the transition a simple one. " Nikki H.

"Over the years all three of my children have attend St Wilfrid's Pre School and with each one I have been amazed by the amount they have learnt whilst having the best time. I was unsure about moving my first child from the nursery setting he had been used to for 3 years to Pre School but I'm so glad I did. It was the fresh 'grown up' start he needed and thoroughly prepared him for starting school. The staff are all amazing. I would definitely recommend St Wilfrid's Pre School." Sarah T.

St Wilfrid's Pre School is a fantastic preschool full of care, love and support for the children. The ladies that run the preschool treat the children as if they were their own children. It has been a very confusing time during this last year amidst the pandemic yet St Wilfrid's Pre School have created a loving, calm and supportive environment for each child. My daughter absolutely loves going to preschool every day and skips in without looking back at me. Her confidence has grown along with her handwriting and counting skills. She takes part in loads of activities and brings home lots of beautiful art work. St Wilfrid's Pre School also has an app where I can keep up to date with what she has been doing with pictures of her adventures from each day. The classroom for preschool sits alongside the classroom for Reception and the children are able to see in to Reception and see the teachers there. This has created familiarity with Reception and when my daughter starts Reception in September she will already know her teachers and will be familiar with the classroom setting. My son also attended St Wilfrid's Pre School and his transition to Reception was seamless. I highly recommend this preschool to any parents looking for a caring, supportive, structured and incredibly fun setting for their child." Lisa K. 

"St Wilfrid's Pre School has a warm and nurturing environment with excellent teachers that get to know all children and families very well. They provide exciting and fun learning activities that foster development. Our children love this pre school and we would highly recommend it." Jemma B.


"My two boys both attended St Wilfrid's Pre School and I was extremely impressed with the way the staff delivered structured, educational support in fun and creative ways. Neither of my children attended a nursery and the preschool encouraged their independence, social skills and confidence which ensured they had an easy transition into Reception. I would highly recommend this preschool to any prospective parents." Ruth M.

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